The Valley Where They Danced

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Tom waved. Before he put his hand down, the screen door opened, and the most beautiful girl he’d  never seen stepped onto the porch. She had on a peach-colored cotton dress under a white apron. The young woman walked with a limp as she moved behind her father. Then, or so it seemed to Tom, she looked right at him. Not at the buggy or at Frank or anything else—only him. For a moment, he couldn’t breathe.


“From the time Dr. Tom Garrison of Macon first saw the beautiful Lenore Conley on the porch of her family’s farmhouse in the Sautee Valley, where he’d arrived to start a medical practice, he knew she would be his wife. His remarkable “sixth sense” told him other things, too, like when his brother’s Nieuport 28 was shot down in flames over a French village. In the end, the feeling, as he called it, even warned him of his own destiny. Two legends arose in the sister valleys of Sautee and Nacoochee. The first white settlers heard the enduring tale of a Cherokee chief ’s daughter, Nacoochee, and her great love, Sautee, a handsome Chickasaw brave. In uncanny similarity, Tom and Lenore eerily follow in their footsteps centuries later.”